Country Report™, Country RiskLine™, World Watch™

Country Report™

Detailed and comprehensive information for risk assessment and business opportunities worldwide. The report provides a unique comparative overview of the business environment in different countries. [Sample]

The D&B Country Report contains important information about the country and the analysis of the business environment. The report provides an in-depth analysis and assessment of risk and business opportunities in a specific country on approximately 60 pages. Such detailed reports are available for 85 countries. Each of the reports is divided into 6 sections to help you focus on the most important risk factors that could affect your international business:

  • Political risk - How stable is the national government?
  • Economic risk - Is the economy developing or deteriorating?
  • External risk - Is the local currency stable?
  • Commercial risk - Will I be paid? How soon will I be paid?
  • Trading Environment - Have Import Rules Changed?
  • Investment environment - In which sector can I safely invest?

This analysis in the report includes an economic forecast and a country risk indicator that can be used to compare business risk in different countries around the world.
It is possible to monitor the development of events in the country and the region. In this case, the basic report of 60 pages is supplemented with 11 monthly additions, which will inform you about important events received by D&B. Firstly, it is information about changes in payment terms or local banks' currency conversion delays, or about the current situation in the country, depending on the degree of risk.

Some full country reports are available in hard copy. Reports for several countries or regions can be ordered and received online or on CD-ROM.

Country RiskLine™

The D&B Contry RiskLine report is an analysis of political, commercial and economic risks in each of the 130 countries included in the D&B International Risk & Payment Review. [Sample]

The D&B Contry RiskLine report will help you assess the business conditions in each country and is very convenient if you only need information once and for one country.
This report is updated monthly and provides a more focused view of risks on 3-4 pages (up to 7 pages) than the full D&B Country Reports report.
The D&B Country RiskLine analysis includes the most important risk information and provides an accurate and expressive indicator that determines the level of risk in a country's economic, political and commercial situation. These reports are prepared for 130 countries and include the following important information:

  • D&B's recommended method for executing transactions
  • Normal lending terms
  • Average local bank currency conversion time

World Watch™

World Watch - Dun & Bradstreet monthly edition delivered free of charge to regular D&B customers (first edition released in March 2003)

World Watch summarizes the main trends in 130 countries around the world that need to be addressed by risk management professionals. Detailed descriptions of the situation in each individual country and recommendations for creditors are given in the monthly issue of the International Risk & Payment Review (IRPR).

These publications are prepared by a team of D&B specialists who monitor the risks associated with the economic and political situation in individual countries.
At the customer's request, you can receive a report on a specific country in the IRPR format - on 7 pages.
In addition, a comprehensive, detailed D&B Full Country Report can be obtained for each country, up to 60 pages.